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Deconstructed Quiche

The “I Have No Time for Quiche”

I had been thinking for a few days about making a quiche with the asparagus bounty from the garden. But it hadn’t happened despite the crust and cream awaiting in the fridge. Coming into the house at 2 p.m. starving for lunch, I had an inspiration. I quick-cooked corn tortillas, eggs and asparagus. Here’s how that looked:

4 small corn tortillas cut into pieces—cook in canola oil until the bottom side turns brown.

4 eggs on top, let cook until set, then flip.

Add chopped asparagus and cook until egg sets again.

Break it up and crisp it up.

It’s deconstructed quiche. It’s a riff on Tortilla Española. It’s a veggie omelet. It’s a healthy, hearty meal.