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A Variation

from a fan of The Anti-Cookbook

There's nothing better than taking the steps you've learned and adding a twist of your own. We're thrilled with this one! It's a riff on the Paleo recipe in our book, and as our readers already know, we're not rigid and we believe that making food you'll love is the key. This reader tried this recipe once before and added tofu for protein. She wasn't thrilled with the texture combination, so this time she added barley instead. No, that's not Paleo, but she didn't care. She cubed and roasted a sweet potato for 25 minutes at 425 with a bit of salt, pepper and olive oil (by cutting it up in advance she saved herself frying it in a pan afterwards--less clean up!). At the same time, she cooked the barley in vegetable broth. When the potato was done she put it in a bowl with the barley, added cubed avocado, lime juice and sesame seeds. Done and delicious in about 35 minutes after a long day of work.