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Getting Saucy

Tomato season. You're so excited about all those salads you're planning--Greek, Caprese, you know what we're talking about. In Chapter 3, "Save Time, Save Money," we discuss which things are worth doing yourself and which you might take shortcuts with. We get that waiting around while a tomato sauce simmers its way to a gorgeous, complex flavor may not be for every day. And there's no judgment--if you buy your tomato sauce it won't be cheaper, but it will be quicker. But, wow, when you do it yourself, your kitchen smells amazing. You stir that baby with pride. You dip a crust of bread or a cracker in to taste it and maybe add some pepper. When you eat it with your favorite pasta or share some with your friends you feel like you did something substantial. Because you did! Tip: If you like your sauce smooth, blend the tomatoes thoroughly before cooking. If you like it chunky, you pulse in a blender or food processor or just chop by hand.

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