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Meet our friend Robin. We are so grateful for all the love she's shown us. Here's a quote from her, emojis and all: "This is straight up the BEST cookbook 👨🏽‍🍳 ever!! I’m no longer intimidated by cooking and I will be forever grateful for these simple and delicious dishes! My favorite “go to” is the breakfast 🍳 sandwich. This one takes the cake 🍰 on all levels...healthy, quick and delicious!" We've got coast to coast blushing going on. Let's talk about that sandwich. Like all things ACB, the original recipe is simple and the results are delicious! Here it is. Scroll down and we'll show you some variations.

This one is done on ciabatta with scrambled egg, spinach and pesto sauce.

Here's one with crispy turkey bacon and scrambled eggs.

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